We're giving away 30 CHOETECH USB-C to HDMI video cables (a $20...

We're giving away 30 CHOETECH USB-C to HDMI video cables (a $20 value each) and offering a 50% discount to everyone else [All countries]

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The magic of USB-C is its versatility, meaning it can be simple to use your phone or computer’s USB-C port for more than just charging and the occasional data transfer. Of course, sometimes the device you want to connect to doesn’t have a USB-C port. This weekend’s giveaway allows you to use a host device with USB-C to stream video up to 4K and 60Hz refresh rate over HDMI.
Up for grabs are 30 CHOETECH USB-C to HDMI cables. These normally run you $20 over at Amazon. In addition to the basic connections, you’re getting even more than just the standard cable quality. First of all, as you can see in the image above, the USB-C connection is at a 90 degree angle — in many situations, this is much more ergonomic and can reduce strain on the cable and the port. Since USB-C ports have no “right side up,” you can choose which direction to have the cable run.
The 4-foot cable is also braided, so it is able to withstand a bit of punishment. I don’t buy anything but braided cables anymore — one of my cats will make mincemeat of any other cord.

You also get a zip-up carrying case to avoid the cable getting tangled up with other stuff in your bag or wherever else you might store it.

As a note of caution, not every device with a USB-C port will be able to use this cord effectively. The host device (the one with the USB-C port) needs to support DisplayPort Alt mode, which many devices do not. CHOETECH reports the Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ and Note 8 do work. The Huawei Mate 10 and HTC U11 are also compatible, according to user reports, while the LG G5, LG V30, and Google Pixels of all sizes and generations are not

Article originally published at: Android Police