Yes, CES 2018 will be exciting

Yes, CES 2018 will be exciting

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The end of the year celebrations have wrapped up and CES is right around the corner. Some say the show has been less interesting for the general public in recent years, but the situation could be different this year with many surprises, including smartphones, TVs, IoT and artificial intelligence.

Winter has arrived, and though the temperature has dropped, the massive Consumer Electronics Show is here to heat things up by bringing together the biggest brands and showing off their newest products. It’s happening this year from January 9 to 12 in Las Vegas. Though the general public has been less interested in the show in recent years due to the lack of flagships presented there, 2018 might be another story entirely. Almost every top brand will be there, and several technological innovations could be revealed, so prepare for some exciting surprises.

Opinion by Pierre Vitré

CES will be exciting this year.
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A more connected world with more smart devices
Yes, CES 2018 is worthy of getting excited over. Even if there’s no major revolution, a lot of innovations outside of the world of smartphones and tablets will be launched, and these represent the future of the tech world. CES 2018 will focus on the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence.
These steps forward in technology may be hard to wrap your head around, since they’re abstract and you cannot touch them they way you can a physical product like a phone. Nevertheless, they are just as important since their reach extends beyond the immediate tech sphere.

CES 2018 will focus on the Internet of Things and AI.

For the tech giants, the stakes are high, because they are competing to get their voice-controlled artificial

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