Cord cutting: 18 months later, I don't miss cable TV

Cord cutting: 18 months later, I don't miss cable TV

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It’s more than a little strange to try to explain cable TV to my kids. To them, images on a screen are just the result of whatever app you picked. Those of us of a certain age, however, can remember a time when televisions weren’t flat, when pictures weren’t color, and when antennas and tinfoil were constantly adjusted. To them, there’s no difference between network and cable channels, premium or otherwise. It’s all #content, and it’s all available, all the time.
It’s also easier than ever — easier, but not painless — to mix and match and, ultimately, save some cash in the process.
That was the goal back in the fall of 2016. My wife and I looked at our $245-a-month cable bill and figured there had to be a better way to spend that money. Or, even better, to save some of that $3,000 a year to be spent somewhere else.
So we started researching on what we needed to do to get rid of cable TV. Was our internet connection fast enough? What hardware would we use. (OK, that part was easy, thanks to my chosen profession.) Which streaming services were we already paying for, which new ones did we want to check out?
And most important — what was it all going to cost?

You have to do your homework
It’s important to remember the purpose of all this. It’s not just to cut cable TV for sake of cutting cable TV. Because there’s nothing inherently bad about cable TV. It’s all the things you want to watch, in a single set-top box. It’s easy, and it’s fast.
The problem, at least in my case, was the cost.

This part isn’t optional. If you don’t do the math, you can’t save money.

My monthly breakdown until the day we flipped the switch

Article originally published at: Android Central