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A high-end phablet promises us the mobile device of our dreams. High specs, big screen, quality cameras and all the latest tech innovations. Right now there are two strong contenders for the ultimate phablet of 2017—the Google Pixel 2 XL, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The larger of the new Pixels from Google is the latecomer to the fight, which gave the Note 8 more time to win over hearts and minds. But it's bringing a lot to the table. Among its key strengths are a phenomenal AI-assisted Read more [...]
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The Play Store is an endless resource for apps of all kinds where many new apps are added every week. So where to start when you want to discover something new? AndroidPIT of course. Without further ado, here’s our picks of the week. Be My Eyes As the name implies, Be My Eyes is an interesting volunteer app for the blind. People who are blind or visually impaired can call you through the app, allow remote viewing of their smartphone camera, and allow you to guide them somewhere. Anyone can Read more [...]
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The latest Google app beta version (7.14.15) now features easy-access customization for the search bar. If you have the Google app installed on your phone, you can try the beta and get creative by changing the search bar's style and color. Although third party launchers like Nova have offered Google search bar customization for a while now, it’s always interesting once Google makes the move to bake features developed elsewhere into the Android OS. If you have the 7.14.15 beta already installed, Read more [...]
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Jump to section: The absolute best: Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ The best phone on our list is actually two phones. The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are indeed, for us, the best Android smartphones currently on the market - they're so good we couldn't choose between them. Both have the most impressive technical specs and the best experience that an Android phone can offer currently. They have everything you would expect from a high-end smartphone (original design, microSD card slot, water and dust Read more [...]
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I still remember Samsung's keynote at CES 2015. It was Boo-Keun Yoon who stood on stage and pronounced their "2020 vision", which back then, seemed to be a little crazy. The plan according to Samsung would be to have no single product without an Internet connection from 2020 onwards—whether it’s a toaster, washing machine or light bulb. Less than halfway there, and the plan already no longer seems as utopian as it was in 2015. SmartThings takes over Part of the promise made at the CES keynote Read more [...]
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