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I remember puffing on an ecig for the first time with fond memories. It was January 2011 and my business partner handed me an Ego-T and told me rather confidently, ‘This is going to be the next big thing, we should sell these’. Rolling my eyes, I indulged his rather brazen prediction and took a deep draw on what looked at the time like a rather bizarre pen contraption. After coughing my guts up for a good three minutes I looked back at him and agreed, ‘Not bad actually.’ At the time the Read more [...]

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moto g 2014 review
Amidst all the hype over the iPhone 6, one inexpensive smartphone happened to garner attention too. Yes, I am talking about the Moto G! The second generation Moto G may lack some features the high-end phones have, but it gives you plenty of reasons to pick it from the range of budget phones that are hardly loaded with any features. Last year Motorola got back into the game with its two releases – Moto X and Moto G. While the former comes at a higher price, the Moto G has been reviewed by users Read more [...]

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A professional speedometer application that provides plenty of helpful features. SpeedView is definitely an advanced speedometer application that utilizes the phone's built-in Gps navigation system to exhibit your present maximum and average speed, along with the direction, total distance, and time traveled. Appropriate for running, vehicle driving, biking, or hiking. &bull High precision Gps navigation-based speedometer that's better compared to one out of your vehicle. &bull Linear compass Read more [...]

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Android Applications for Home Control Applications to manage Lights, Thermostat and Home appliances Making Use Of Your Android Device Google has introduced that it's joining the home control arena with android@home. It has produced a buzz within the home control industry not since this is a brand new concept but as this means the adoption of the idea of home control is on your journey to mainstream awareness. Now many people hearing this news will all of a sudden feel a burning itch to make Read more [...]

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fixing a slow loading android home screen I've this Android phone also it rocks. It rocks since it is clever and fast also it enables me to does all of this neato geek stuff I really like a lot. However I press my home button also it takes the damn factor 6 seconds to show my home screen symbols. The backdrop image can there be immediately. Whoosh! However it takes the home screen 6 seconds (or 7) to load all of the symbols and icons. 6 seconds in Hell should you request me! This occurs each Read more [...]