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I remember puffing on an ecig for the first time with fond memories. It was January 2011 and my business partner handed me an Ego-T and told me rather confidently, ‘This is going to be the next big thing, we should sell these’. Rolling my eyes, I indulged his rather brazen prediction and took a deep draw on what looked at the time like a rather bizarre pen contraption. After coughing my guts up for a good three minutes I looked back at him and agreed, ‘Not bad actually.’ At the time the Read more [...]

Underworld Drug Lords Now Available on Google Play
Internationally operating indie game studio A-Steroids announced that their newest online free-to-play mobile drug dealing simulator Underworld: Drug Lords, a full scale sequel to the original title created back in 2008, is now available on Google Play. Players start off as a corner street hustler, buying cheap merchandise from local drug labs, and selling for profit to junkies and other live dealers, simultaneously building respect on the street level. Rank up from a small time street peddler Read more [...]

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No Brakes Valet is a fun indie entry from Captain Games. It has humble roots, which make it that much more fun to try out. With regards to playing the game, it is quite simple; use the controls to park the cars. You get turn buttons (one to the left and the other to the right), and the occasional brake button that shows up. All are pretty much self-explanatory. The turn buttons will turn a perpetually-forward moving leftward or rightward until it is released, at which point an non-braked vehicle Read more [...]

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Colossatron: Massive World Threat is all about controlling a giant, space faring robot creature, bristling with guns as he destroys everything in sight. How could it not be awesome? Colossatron crash lands at a new city every level, which must be completely levelled to win the game. As he thunders around, smashing down buildings and causing havoc, the military responds with legions of tanks and choppers, dropships full of infantry and bombers. Most cities also have a boss of sorts like a massive, Read more [...]

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To say the truth, I've only played original Castle Raid for a little while, so my experiences with this sequel aren't really comparable. I've seen enough to suggest that the games aren't wholly different. Castle Raid 2 is just as fun, has a bit better graphics, more units, and a larger campaign - but the gameplay only differs in details. It's still a hellish time-sinker, regardless of whether you play it with a friend, or against an AI. Story in Castle Raid spins in a surprising direction from the Read more [...]