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While Puzzle Trooper may look like an average match three game, it is anything but. Featuring a huge array of zany soldiers, exciting gameplay and a deep tactical side, Puzzle Trooper is a breath of fresh air for the match 3 genre. Unlike most puzzle games, Puzzle Trooper requires the player to build a squad of soldiers. After selecting a leader for the squad, new soldiers are handed out at a steady pace for winning games, buying them or as a result of special events. Each soldier has a colour that Read more [...]

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UDLR:SWIPE is one of the simplest (yet addictive) games around. Gestures rule the roost in this one. It's all about swiping the right color in the right direction. Quickly, that is. Think of a digital Simon Says on steroids. More specifically, at the simplest level, there are four colors: green, yellow, red and blue. Yellow needs to be swiped up, green down, blue to the left and red to the right. As hinted at, speed is of essence, because taking too much time ends the run. After the intro mini-tutorial, Read more [...]

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Myth Defense 2 falls into the same category as the majority of other tower defense games. It's fun to play, has relatively nice graphics, but doesn't have any really innovations. I can't even criticize these games properly, since they are still genuinely fun to play, even if they have completely similar gameplay. I should note that Myth Defense 2 is in no way free-to-play, and requires $2.49 to unlock the full game, which is, in all fairness, all fair. The game is really well done, and although Read more [...]

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Every mobile platform has (or should have) an anchor feature or two… or a dozen. I mean feature that makes it harder for people to switch over to other platforms. Android OS has a few for me, and one major one is the stock ability to install third-party keyboards. No matter what type of entry style, be it peck, swiping or finger writing, there is a keyboard available. Swiping is my thing. Discovering it made the switch from physical keyboard device to one with a virtual keyboard possible. Read more [...]

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Farm Heroes Saga is a new match-three puzzle from the developers of Candy Crush Saga, where the player needs to collect fruits by matching them together. It's a lot like other match-threes, only this one is about farming. So… There's really nothing new or original about it. Not that it's bad, though! I mean, apart from being absolutely creatively-dead. The goal in each level of Farm Heroes Saga is to gather a set number of greens by combining them, minimum three at a time. As the player progresses, Read more [...]