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In Super Duck, ducks need a hero to free them. They get… Super Duck. Backstory aside, the game looks and feels like a retro arcade game. There are several ducks in a state of distress, and the goal to lead them to freedom by facilitating their movement to the exit door, which is generally out of reach of the birds in some way. To help the birds on, the first tool is the ability of our hero to pick up boxes. Said boxes can be moved, and can be used by the ducks to get over obstacles. There Read more [...]

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Ratchet and Clank are an energetic duo that have their own game series, usually released on PlayStation. Their universe is a crazy futuristic mix of aliens, robots and awesomeness beyond imaginable proportions. Ratchet And Clank games always stand out as having consistently high quality and incredibly joyous gameplay. Unfortunately, Before the Nexus is dull and lacking. Got you! It's just as awesome as I expected it to be. Among the game's advantages are great graphics - and I do mean great. Watching Read more [...]

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This is a phrase I didn't expect to say today, but Fleet Of One is a top-down shoot-em-up that's quite different from the other space shmups. It also looks quite a bit more logical. If the player is supposed to save the galaxy, as is usually the case, then the least you can do is give him a nice ship. Rather than piloting a flying version of a hybrid compact, the player controls a giant flying saucer with more guns than an army parade. But only two of them can be active at the same time. Oops. The Read more [...]

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I can honestly say that it's the first time I've played a game like this. Hakitzu Elite: Robot Hackers is a multiplayer turn-based tactical strategy that also teaches coding, of all things. And it's perfectly timed, too, since I've actually been trying to pick up programming for the last couple of weeks, so it came in handy. While I have a couple of complaints, Hakitzu Elite is a great game that will be interesting for beginner programmers, as well as for the fans of unusual turn-based strategies. Read more [...]

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Overlive casts the player as one of the few survivors of an almost total zombie apocalypse. Hiding out in a ruined apartment Overlive is all about striking out randomly, finding better weapons and supplies and ultimately finding a way out of the ruined city, while maybe discovering what's really happening on the way. The star of Overlive is its story, the game is text based and there are loads of great moments and surprises, such as the extremely graphic ways violence is described and the depictions Read more [...]