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Titanium backup team release new Titanium Backup Professional 5.6. on the internet Play. Titanium backup professional presently have over 6.5 million customers. This android application can backup, restore, freeze your applications + data + Market links. Including all protected applications & system applications, plus exterior data in your Sdcard. You are able to schedule your backup copies. Backup copies will operate without closing any applications. You are able to move any application or application Read more [...]

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The Samsung Replenish is solely outfitted with Kajeet Wise BlockerTM technology that enables you to determine which kinds of websites could be utilized and that ought to be blocked. Kajeet may be the only wireless company to provide this kind of innovative tool, which makes it feasible for parents to both provide their children with effective Android mobile phones and &mdash simultaneously &mdash limit the kinds of websites they could access. It provides a touchscreen with crisp 2.8" color display Read more [...]

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The worst scenario may be that you simply leave the telephone around several buddies, return and discover that all your social networking accounts happen to be compromised. Whenever you yell to your buddies asking who made it happen, nobody constitutes a seem. Well, using the free Hidden Eye application for Android products, now you can acquire some help finding the guilty party&mdashor just discover who's been spying using your phone. Hidden Eye is definitely an simple application that can take Read more [...]

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Motorola is holding a celebration today in New You are able to City. Known as &ldquoMotorola displayed,&rdquo the big event is rumored to become the starting ground for that company's latest phone, a brand new form of the Android Razr having a high-definition display. motorolaDetails for any phone known as the Android Razr M 4G LTE were leaked a week ago, and then taken by Engadget in certain hands-on photos. That phone were built with a 4.3-inch, 960 x 540 pixel Super AMOLED Advanced display, Read more [...]

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DoomGLES is an OpenGL-ES port of the classic game Doom. It is the best looking Doom port on mobile devices. In Doom, you are a space marine who has to fight hordes of demons on Mars, Earth and in Hell. It supports: - High resolutions (on tablets or high-end phones) - Realtime dynamic lighting - Particles effects - 3D Monsters and objects (MD2) - Blood projections - Realistic water effect All Doom versions are supported. Pwads are also supported. It should run on any OpenGLES 2.0 compatible Read more [...]