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At a series of events around the world in late July, Motorola dropped not one, but two versions of its top-end phone, the Moto X. While the Moto X Style is still a little ways off, the Moto X Play is now on sale in places like the UK and Canada. It's not the highest of the high-end like the Style (or Pure Edition, depending where you are), but instead sits in the middle of Moto's newest range of devices between its bigger brother and the best-selling Moto G. So, what's it like? Here are our first Read more [...]
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Android SVP Sundar Pichai at Google I/O in May. / © Google Sources told Re/code that Now grew rapidly within Google because it had had the backing of CEO Larry Page since its launch in 2012. But when the team behind it was transferred from Android to search, a wave of disenchantment developed. Senior Vice President of Search, Amit Singhal, had previously asked for Now to move from Android to his department, the sources added. This created tension within the Now team, with some engineers objecting Read more [...]
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There are a couple of ways to remotely view and control your Android from a desktop, but none of them are particularly easy to use. Some require root access, some require subscriptions, and some aren't really worth using due to low framerates and overall quality. The mind behind Rom Manager, Voice Plus, AllCast, and other popular Android apps has been working on a better way to remote control multiple Android phones and tablets for a while now, and like almost everything Android the work was discovered Read more [...]
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Just last weekend we heard some rather convincing (but unconfirmed) rumors that the reason the Moto X Play was conspicuously absent from Motorola's US store was that Verizon's long-standing relationship with the manufacturer would result in an exclusive phone. Today we've been sent some photos that look like the real deal: a mid-range phone that mostly matches the Moto X Play, but with Verizon and DROID branding. Say hello to the Motorola XT1565, presumably coming to market as the DROID Maxx 2. Ostensibly Read more [...]
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Samsung has for the past few years cut deals with a variety of big names in a number of spaces to offer a set of so-called "Galaxy Gifts" for those buying new Samsung phones and tablets. With the retail availability of the Note 5 and S6 edge+ in full swing, there's a new set of Galaxy Gifts for the latest phones. The gifts hit a full range of areas, from giving you a free book a month from Kindle, to a six-month trial subscription to The Guardian, 100GB of OneDrive space from Microsoft, automatically-unlocked Read more [...]
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