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Android 4.0 showcases the Holo theme family, further refined since its debut in Android 3.0. But as most developers know, a new system theme for some Android devices isn't a new or uncommon event. For developers new system themes mean more design targets for their apps. Using system themes means developers can take advantage of a user's existing expectations and it can save a lot of production time, but only if an app designer can reliably predict the results. Before Android 4.0 the variance in Read more [...]

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Smart Measure is a tool in the 2nd set of the Smart Tools collection (distance, height). ] This rangefinder(telemeter) measures the Distance, Height, Width and Area of a target with your phone by trigonometry. Usage is simple: just stand up and press the shutter. The important point is aiming the camera at the GROUND, NOT the object. (i.e. In order to measure the distance from someone, aim at his shoes.) If it is inaccurate, please read the instructions in this app or see the checklist diagram Read more [...]

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We created a process global object named Serial1 of type Serial. Usually it is a good idea to initialize process objects in Sub Activity_Create when FirstTime is True. This way the objects will be initialized exactly once. Code: Sub Activity_Create(FirstTime As Boolean) If FirstTime Then Serial1.Initialize("Serial1") Timer1.Initialize("Timer1", 200) End If Activity.LoadLayout("1") Activity.AddMenuItem("Connect", "mnuConnect") Activity.AddMenuItem("Disconnect", "mnuDisconnect") End Sub Read more [...]

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Samsung has unveiled a new Android smart phone with Full QWERTY physical keyboard and 3 Inch Capacitive Touch Display along with Ice Cream Sandwich and named it as Samsung Galaxy Chat. Samsung Galaxy Chat will be launched in Spain first, then in other parts of Europe and later on in Latin America, Middle East, China, Southeast Asia, and Southwest Asia at a competitive price point. Tough there is nothing special about it specs and features but its form factor is a bit unique for Samsung Read more [...]

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User-agent for Google Chrome, Open Android Interface on Chrome We use Google Chrome browser on computer to browse the web. Now a days specially designed apps, websites are available for Smartphones like Android phones. Do you know, you can open the chrome-androidGoogle Chrome browser in such a way that browser will show you the interface of Android mobile browser. That means, once you will open our blog or other sites or apps, you will see the layout specially designed for mobiles i.e. the Read more [...]