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Virtualo eBook Reader. Nowy, polski czytnik eBooków Piotr Grabiec  TAGI: virtualo, ebook, pdf, adobe drm, epub, mobi, kindle, czytnik pdf, czytnik ebooków W sklepie Android Market znajduje się sporo czytników eBooków, zarówno tych przygotowanych w formatach PDF jak i ePUB. Pojawiła się nowa aplikacja służąca do ich obsługi, a jest nią Virtualo eBook Reader. Umożliwia ona czytanie tysięcy bezpłatnych Read more [...]

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Windows Azure Toolkit for Android - Wade Wegner Equipo TN Latinoamérica Windows Azure Toolkit for Android Autor : Wade Wegner “Wade Wegner publico el Kit de herramientas para de Windows Azure para Android, junto con actualizaciones significativas para Windows Phone y iOS”. Pueden obtener los kits aqui: Windows Phone iOS (iPhone & iPad) Android El propósito de estos kits de herramientas es simplificar el trabajo para los desarrolladores de aplicaciones móviles Read more [...]

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Top 6 QWERTY Candybar Android Phones Available Today Before, we've presented you with a list of the best QWERTY Android phones for 2011, and most of them, if not all, are sliders. This comes as no surprise as sliders give the best of both worlds: a large display and a physical QWERTY keypad, the latter being a rarity in an Android world ruled by purely touchscreen devices. But there are actually many users who crave for smartphones with keys which don't need to be slid, twisted, or flipped open. Read more [...]

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Description Turn the button on a wired headset into a remote control for your music player - and much more! Headset Button Controller is very configurable, allowing you to play music, change tracks, adjust volume, answer phone calls, start Voice Command and many other things, just by clicking the button on your headset. Headset Button Controller is shipped with a powerful default configuration, but you can change almost every action performed. Once you have configured it with your preferences, Read more [...]

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I'm working on my first Android app, so I apologize if this is extremely obvious. I've got three activities in my app, and the user switches back and forth pretty frequently. I've also got a remote service, which handles a telnet connection. The apps need to bind to this service in order to send/receive telnet messages. Edit Thank you BDLS for your informative answer. I have re-written my code in light of your clarification on the difference between using bindService() as a stand-alone Read more [...]