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Bluetooth DAQ and USB DAQ kits The Bluetooth DAQ Starter Kit complements the USB DAQ Training Kit to allow everyone to learn either wired or wireless Data Acquisition in an affordable manner. For programming, they can use the industry specific LabVIEW, the popular .NET languages of Visual Basic (VB), C++ and C# or the Open Sourced Python. With the EMANT380 Bluetooth DAQ, applications can now be built around the Android Smartphones (Symbian S60 OS or Windows Mobile drivers are available but provided Read more [...]

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USB Host and Accessory Android supports a variety of USB peripherals and Android USB accessories (hardware that implements the Android accessory protocol) through two modes: USB accessory and USB host. In USB accessory mode, the external USB hardware act as the USB hosts. Examples of accessories might include robotics controllers; docking stations; diagnostic and musical equipment; kiosks; card readers; and much more. This gives Android-powered devices that do not have host capabilities the Read more [...]

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Hello all, I'm new to this forum. I just bought my TF700T on 9/20 and right away I started experiencing weird behavior with the Notification Panel popping up randomly. Since this is my first Asus tablet, I thought there was some sort of setting that was causing this. When I didn't find anything to fix this problem (including a factory reset and cold boot) I called Asus Support who had me do a Data Wipe. That didn't fix the issue either. The tech told me that he spoke to his supervisor Read more [...]

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Description HaiPhone : The "Living in L.A L.A Land" Game World's First mobile app that brings interactivity to a TV series using Augmented Reality technology. The app follows season 2 of the cult series "Living in L.A. L.A. Land". Six Israeli singers fly to L.A. to try and break into the international music industry. The series will broadcast from Nov 11, 2012 on Yes Comedy HD. On every episode, a frame will appear on the TV screen. The viewers will try to capture it using the device's camera, Read more [...]

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So Apple did the deed. It bought streaming music startup Lala. AllThingsD's Peter Kafka says it was done at a valuation reflecting Warner Music Group's writedown earlier this spring, which means investors are lucky to get 50 cents on the dollar. The New York Times also reported that the sale was prompted by realization that Lala's prospects for profitability in the near future were dim. This makes Lala the third music startup this fall to be acquired at a breakeven or loss to investors, after iLike Read more [...]