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Run Cow Run a habit forming and cutesy running computer game where you play a cow as she escapes from the tractor-driving planter. Like most comparable computer games (much gorier zombie pursuit in Zombie Trip), you get to utilize improvements to escape more effectively. En route you could rescue baby cows and collect pieces to get even more power-ups to boost your score. Run Cow Run is a brand-new take on a reasonably acquainted genre of games now. Here you have to escape a farmer who intends to Read more [...]

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Brain Puzzle Free is an enjoyable and addicting puzzle game that supplies a range of various obstacles to actually test the grey issue. Make 'Zold' to unlock later levels and accumulate superstars as you progress. The computer game is well developed, perfectly computer animated and astonishingly well created throughout. In addition, if you do well, you can work your way with the ready cost-free without having to make any type of in-app purchases. If you like puzzles in all sizes and shapes, this Read more [...]

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Shufflepuck Cantina is an immersive and richly created air-hockey game where you challenge against a series of aliens. It 'feels' a little Superstar Wars-y and the communicable Cantina music is cutely consisted of. The game is a freemium model and, while you can play to your hearts content, you'll probably have to pay in order to proceed in any type of meaningful method. Shufflepuck Cantina is a brand-new, cool and addictive air-hockey computer game. The title is heavily themed with a far-flung Read more [...]

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Rocket Island is a graphically resplendent and highly habit forming puzzle game for Android. Enlisting the hexagons on the island to upgrade them- ultimately you intend to transform them in to rockets and release them towards space. A brilliantly awesome steampunk influenced style creates testing and fun gameplay. Rocket Island is an exceptionally neat puzzle computer game that showcases a steampunk theme. The idea is that a society should leave the planet to escape certain doom. By completing levels Read more [...]

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Rise of the Blobs is a fun and initial puzzle computer game from the very same designers that brought us Wind Up Knight. In this title you assist Marsh Mal ward off the rising blobs on a cutely computer animated tower. You throw colored fruits at the matching blobs and obtain them to blow up in a chain reaction. There are benefit items, multiple gaming methods to try out and different accomplishments to make. If you like puzzle games which are fun, bouncy, initial and difficult, this is a fantastic Read more [...]