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The first thing that drew me to DeathMetal HD was the title. After all, I do love me some death metal. All the screaming and blast beats find a way to satisfy me and my cold, black heart. Now, the game features not a lot in the way of death metal: there's some heavy riffs that get involved in the menu and when powerups are activated, but this is really just a grungy-looking Breakout-style brick-breaking game. I mean grungy-looking not to say that it's ugly, or that it looks like grunge music, Read more [...]

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Physics-based games are, in my opinion some of the most fun and challenging games out there. While most of the time physics-based games look easy at first, they usually get pretty hard really fast. Fruit Rocks is no different. The game begins with fruit on trees and aliens on the ground. The goal is to hit the aliens with the apples. To shoot an apple at the purple alien, touch and pull back on the fruit, aim and let go Angry Bird style. A dotted line will appear to show the path of the Read more [...]

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Zombie Toss dares ask a question no one was ever crazy enough to ask: what do zombies taste like? Not good, I'm guessing. In this slashing game, the object is to hack as many jumping zombies as possible to survive. The food chain has definitely come full circle, and the undead is now a part of the human menu. The game has four worlds with 30 levels in total. A survival mode can be unlocked by collecting enough keys which are accumulated as one plays the game. The currency is in two forms: Read more [...]

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Astro Frontier is a game that might appeal to folks feening for Oregon Trail, except that this adventure takes place a few feet higher in the air, and there is much less flux to contend with. Thankfully. It's a turn-based game that makes space the playground. As the leader of the exploration team, I had to manage resources, deal with “events” and such, protect the convoy and (most importantly) keep morale high. If I let the morale get to zero, I lost. Thus, I had to do things like ensure Read more [...]

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Art in Games makes a name for itself with the top-down shooter AirAttack HD. Plenty of games try hard to bring WWII-era air battles to consoles, but this one makes it pop on smartphones, which is no small feat. The graphics were, in a word, excellent. The recreated terrain was almost good enough to distract from the opposing weaponry. I loved the bridges, exploding trains and even the impertinent flair of the upgraded flamethrower. It was a visual treat, with matching sounds that took me straight Read more [...]