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Media has actually definitely been the emphasis for Android developers just recently. Android has actually always been delaying behind iOS in terms of media ability, yet offered the recent boost in media apps readily available for the system and Google's current Google Music announcement, it appears that they are finally pulling their finger out and attempting to trump Apple off the leading area. Android is still a long way away-- there is still absolutely nothing equivalent to the iTunes Store readily Read more [...]

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Everybody adores arcade games. They're addictive, immersive and, naturally, fun! The complication is that many of them have been 'done before'. We all adore to play Space Invaders or Pacman, but if we play a clone of it on our phones, it hasn't really obtained that 'classic' feeling. Spirit HD is an original arcade game which is made for phones, and greatly fun to play! You control a little spacecraft called Spirit (which I could not assist however see as Eve from Wall-E). To make Spirit move, you Read more [...]

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It's always great when an app's title eludes to what it will involve. This is particularly the instance for the one being tested today, given that the word Elgard offers us an eyesight of exactly what to come, sounding like it was taken right out of a fantasy manual. On the other hand, MORGP underlines the game's major objective. So what specifically does the word MORPG indicate? What seems like a magical name as a matter of fact stands for" Multiplayer Online Part Playing Game". When you put in Read more [...]

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Already a 'must have' game, I'm sure every one of you will certainly have heard of Temple Run: I mean, it's a top app on both Android and iOS. It's been imitated many times already, and while several of the clones could be downright snooze fests, others have taken the addicting Temple Run gameplay and, well, keep up it and made it much better. I'm considering Subway Surfers here, a fairly budding game revelation of mine, but one that's currently been rated over 80 000 times (gathering a 4 1/2 Read more [...]

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Hmm-- an insane Kung Fu Panda and Fruit Ninja drink, does that bode well? That's the picture Panda Fishing created in my mind, and I must confess that initially I was somewhat perplexed and didn't know what to make of it. I chose to give it a go; keep reading to learn what our decision of the competition is. Mobile phone application designers are encountering a little dilemma nowadays: when Android had actually merely been freshly created on the marketplace it was reasonably easy to gather success Read more [...]