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YouTube TV has region specific programming, here's how to see if you can access it. YouTube TV is the newest method of cutting the cord to your cable provider, while still being able to watch the shows you've gotten hooked on over the years. While anyone can get a subscription to YouTube TV, you'll need to be in a covered market in order to watch local programs like the news. We've got the details on where you need to be, to access everything YouTube TV has to offer. What countries can access YouTube Read more [...]
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Samsung's most recent Galaxy A-series models were released at the start of this year, way back in January, so it's safe to assume the next generation will make an appearance around the same time early next year. There have been plenty of rumors about the mid-range lineup, and we're pretty sure the naming convention will be changing, with this year's A5 and A7 becoming the A8 and A8+. New information coming from a leaked user manual confirms that the new A-series devices will have dual front-facing Read more [...]
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As the name implies, Android Wear is simply a variation of Android specifically tailored to smartwatches. This year's Wear 2.0 update ran on top of Android 7.0 Nougat, and while some components can be updated through the Play Store, the underlying system can only be updated through normal OTAs. Google released the Wear version of Android 8.0 Oreo a few days ago, and the update started to roll out to the LG Watch Sport and other models. Some of the improvements include customizable vibration strength, Read more [...]
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Honor's grand strategy Remember Genghis Khan, who with his long beard (although not a hipster) led his armies to conquer Asia, including China, arriving in Russia, the Middle East and part of Eastern Europe and building one of the greatest empires in history? Replace 1180 with 2017 and the brave Mongolian leader with Honor, the Chinese manufacturer. Of course, the juxtaposition may seem a bit excessive but the bold plan presented by George Zhao during the London event seems like a real strategy Read more [...]
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The Playstation 4 Pro is incredible in more ways than one, but what games does it improve through the VR headset? Let's find out! PlayStation VR games already promise a rock solid framerate and a quality experience, but not every game plays exactly the same through each version of the PlayStation 4 console. Some games are made to play in what Sony calls "enhanced" mode if you have a PlayStation 4 Pro. These improvements can make a big difference, but before you go diving into a console upgrade you Read more [...]
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