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Article Contents Motorola had hit a rough patch when Google came calling back in 2011. It took some time to clear out the queue of sub-standard devices, but the first true Google-backed Motorola effort came in 2013 with the launch of the Moto X. This device broke new ground with clever software features like Moto Display (called Active Display at the time) and a customizable design. Motorola made a few more Moto X phones, all of which were excellent devices. Lenovo didn't keep the Moto X going Read more [...]
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The Moto X4 is Motorola's latest kind-of-budget phone, which despite the name, bears no resemblance to the Moto X of past years. It's availability in the United States is somewhat limited, with Motorola saying it will sell the phone unlocked on its website, and Project Fi offering an Android One version. In a few hours, there will be another way to buy the X4 - from Amazon. Amazon already sells plenty of unlocked phones under the 'Prime Exclusive' brand. The Prime versions are a good bit cheaper Read more [...]
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If I've learned one thing from writing posts about Android Pay, it's that there are far more banks and credit unions in the US than I thought there was. Google already supports a massive number of them in Android Pay, but apparently there are still more to add. Today Google has added an additional 34 banks and credit unions to the list, including one notable holdout, Charles Schwab Bank. Here are all of the others: Advantage Plus FCU Andover Bank Bank of Blue Valley BNY Mellon Bridge Credit Read more [...]
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Alongside the Galaxy S8/S8+, Samsung also introduced DeX to the world this past February. DeX is Samsung's vision for the future of desktop computing, and while it still has a way to go before it's truly useful or practical for everyone, Linux on Galaxy is a new app that Samsung hopes will make DeX more appealing to developers.Samsung announced Linux on Galaxy at its developer conference on October 18, and although the app is still in a trial phase, it already sounds pretty impressive. Linux on Read more [...]
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