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3 Kingdoms TD: Defenders' Creed is a tower defense game quite similar to games like the hugely popular Plants Vs Zombies. Places your forces strategically to combat the oncoming baddies over increasingly trickier levels. Give your troops boosts and use power-ups to defeat the tougher enemies in this linear tower defense game that's fun as it is addictive. The game is based on battles from the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history and gameplay is heavily themed (we've seen this in the developer's Read more [...]

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There are heaps of applications on the Google Play Store that you can easily take pleasure in on your Android mobile phone or tablet. Along with all that free of charge stuff awaiting you, all you have to stress over is running out of storage room on your device. If you sift with the apps offered on the Play Store long sufficient, you'll gradually discover all type of gems, such as applications for efficiency, customization, interacting socially, and even games. One of those gem games is 3 Kingdoms Read more [...]