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Sprint has announced that it has added 36 new countries to its Open World and Global Roaming add-ons, allowing users to take advantage of affordable calls and data, along with free texts when venturing around the globe. Here's the list of new countries added in the latest expansion: Austria Afghanistan Bangladesh Belarus Belgium Bolivia Bulgaria Cambodia Croatia Estonia Finland Ghana Hong Kong Hungary Iceland Indonesia Kenya Liechtenstein Luxembourg Macau Macedonia Malaysia Republic of Malta Montenegro Netherlands Norway Philippines Poland Rwanda Serbia Singapore Slovenia South Read more [...]
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One of the worst things about fitness tracking apps is that they often require users to tell them when an activity starts. This can be a pretty big inconvenience, especially for people that keep their phones stowed in closed pockets or an arm band without easy access to the screen. The latest update to Fit might save many people from having to reach for their phone at all. Wear users can now start and stop activity trackers directly from the mini-app. What's New The main phone app doesn't seem to Read more [...]
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[unable to retrieve full-text content] Amazon has added a number of new features to the Echo this week, including the ability to jump back and forth between chapters of a book with voice commands, and the ability to play Jeopardy. Once enabled in the app settings, you’ll be able to ask Alexa to play Jeopardy, at which time you’ll be asked a number of questions from categories including world history, travel, pop culture and more.

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Google Play Music's search interface has been a work in progress, as a prompt for it to listen to ambient audio to identify a song was a relatively recent refinement. A tweak coming out now, apparently via a server-side switch, retains the listening feature but brings the entire look in line with other up-to-date Google apps. Here is a quick before and after: Newer screenshot comes thanks to our reader, Ben. With this change, beyond the mere aesthetic value you get a nice merging of the search Read more [...]
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Give your design career a boost with the Learn to Design 2016 course bundle. / © ELearning Web design is evolving into a huge and multifaceted domain, with more users coming through more modes of access than ever before, whether it be a PC, tablet or smartphone. To design effective websites, you need to know how to create adaptable designs that function across different platforms. The Learn to Design 2016 course bundle comprises nine courses, totalling more than 57 hours of tuition. It covers Read more [...]
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