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Description If you want the app, obtain the in-app purchase to aid it's development, and you will receive text-to-speech support for jokes, along with a more dark theme too! If you want Sickipedia, support them by going to their website and purchasing a t-shirt! Look At This BEFORE Leaving comments/Contacting ME, For That Passion For ALL That's HOLY AND GOOD! FAQ: So why do you update the app a lot? You are destroying my existence! Holy entitlement batman! Nobody is forcing you to definitely Read more [...]

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About Holiday Calendar 2011-2012 Planning Work? Planning Holidays? Add all of your Year-2011 and 2012 National Holidays for your Android Calendar. Choose from over 20 major nations. This app is the greatest tool for those involved with Proper Planning and Arranging. Utilize it to enjoy your annual leave. (All added holidays can be taken off easily). You are able to install the app, "Add" the holiday dates towards the calendar, then un-install the app, the Calendar records remain, saving your Read more [...]

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Eye-Fi, maker of SD memory cards that bring Wi-Fi to non-connected products, is trying to create a more effective photo storage and discussing app. Within an interview with AllThingsD following last week's CE Week program, Eye-Fi Boss Yuval Koren stated the new app could be &ldquoplatform-agnostic,&rdquo growing past the products it presently supports. The organization is striving to organize the app for that other half of the season, although it rejected to discuss exactly once the app would Read more [...]

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Finally: Android products to obtain full disk file encryption It appears as though Google Android will probably be the very first smartphone platform to obtain a near-native full disk encryption (FDE) app, because of work from famous IT security investigator Moxie Marlinspike. Marlinspike, that has developed numerous innovative IT security services, such as the WPAcracker.com website, is co-founder and CTO of Whisper Systems, an american-based security software development firm that's developing Read more [...]

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Download the most recent discharge of Google Maps, rather than have a paper map again. Google Maps for Android with Navigation (Beta) has: * Detailed maps with three dimensional structures * Voice led turn-by-turn Gps navigation navigation * Driving, riding on the bus, biking, and walking directions * Live traffic information to prevent congestion * Local internet search and business reviews * Google Maps Street View * Indoor maps for choose international airports, hotels, stores, and much Read more [...]