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Description AWARD-WINNING Visual Voicemail, HulloMail&trade is the easiest method to read, play, manage, and share your voicemails for the Android ★ AS SEEN ON ★ Mobile Industry Review, Business Week, CNET, The Telegraph, The Protector, The Independent, Irish Independent and TechCrunch ★ Honours ★ TAP 100 Finest Applications, Global Telecommunications Business, The Meffys, Red-colored Sardines Europe 100 and Global 200 Finalist and Tech Media Invest 100 ★ NEW ★ Read more [...]

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Kik Messenger 29 million customers love Kik! It is the fast, simple, and private smartphone messenger that connects you to definitely everybody you want to speak with. Here's why you'll love Kik: FAST: Kik is hands­down the quickest, most dependable smartphone messenger available. With sent, shipped, read and typing notices, your conversations can come to existence. SIMPLE: We feel that simplicity may be the epitome of sophistication. We have spent 1000's of hrs ensuring Kik may be the simplest, Read more [...]

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Minecraft is all about placing blocks to construct things on and on on adventures! Pocket Edition includes at random produced mobile phone industry's, multiplayer on the local Wi-Fi network, and Survival and inventive modes. You are able to craft and make together with your buddies all over the world as long as you've hands spare and battery to lose. Our newest update added the legendary Creepers. They are large, eco-friendly, mean and explody. But it is one of many. Since Minecraft &mdash Pocket Read more [...]

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Description A sound board-like K-Touch from Masked Rider Decade. The application cover power up mode for decade final form, using the code Kuuga, Agito, Ryuki, Faiz, Blade, Hibiki, Kabuto, Den-O and Kiva transform to Final Kamen Rider. You can transform to each final form by touch the rider's logo and touch finish button. How to Play ======= Kamen Rider Ultimate = Kuuga + Finish Kamen Rider King = Blade + Finish Kamen Rider Blaster = Faiz + Finish Kamen Rider Shining = Agito + Finish Kamen Read more [...]

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Description Wonder what are the little squares? It is emojis. You can decode it now! The pro version is now supporting emoji2 ( iOS 6 emoji) ★Attention Please read: This is a codec, it doesn't modify your system. It encode and decode emoji icon, you see emoji in this app but NOT in other apps unless the other apps support it (i.e. Google Buzz, Cicada). ★Now decodes iOS 5 emoji ★Please use MultiLing if you want better keyboard mode. ★Now integrated with soft keyboards Read more [...]