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Android :: WebView Tutorial Opens Asked for Address In Browser And Never In Web View I'm using Android emulator with AVD of Android 2.1 and that i possess the following problem: Attempting to load a URL inside a WebView using webView.loadUrl causes it to spread out within the browser rather.Note: I'm speaking concerning the initial opening, not the problem by which links in the WebView open inside a browser, though, possibly it's in some way connected.I have attempted a number of things:I Read more [...]

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Khmer Unicode Language support for Android devices khmer_android 1. Concept You can add Khmer language support to Android OS in 2 stages. Stage 1: Basic Khmer Unicode support (Font rendering and Keyboard) to Android OS - Modify Khmer Unicode font to work with Android OS, and Replace Android UI System fonts with Khmer Unicode support fonts. - Add Khmer Unicode support to Android OS Unicode rendering engine (libskia.so, libskiagl.so & LibWebcore.so) - Create Khmer Keyboard layout and Read more [...]

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I am accepting a connection from a client and then passing that connected socket off to another object, however, that socket needs to be non-blocking. I'm trying to use getChannel().configureBlocking(false) but that does not seem to be working. It needs to be non-blocking because this the method below is called every 100ms. Is there some other way that I should be making this non-blocking? Thanks for any help! public void checkForClients() { DataOutputStream out; DataInputStream in; Socket Read more [...]

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I'm sure this has been asked here many times but, are there any examples on the Internet about gyroscope Android development. Because the Gyroscope intrigues me and I think it could make for a pretty good thing to work with. I am just guessing the Samsung Galaxy S has a gyroscope, right? I hope so. Again though, my main need is for a tutorial, maybe even a good android programming tutorial/book (not just gyroscope related). I learned Java just for the purpose of Android development. I already Read more [...]

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Creating a Simple Android Service for Background Processing So here's one that I've been looking forward to trying out, creating a service that can run in the background and do things while the user is doing something else. There are actually two ways of using a service in Android. One involves binding the service to an activity, and the other is more of a traditional service that just runs in the background independently. I am going to focus on the latter for this post. Basically, you have Read more [...]