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Android SQLITE query selection example In this example we are going to learn how to create a SQLite database adapter that will perform the basic operations such as creating the table, upgrading the database as well as providing access to the data based on given input parameters. SQLiteDatabase has methods to create, delete, execute SQL commands, and perform other common database management tasks. To query a given table and return a Cursor over the result set you can use the following method. public Read more [...]

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Pickers In this document See also Fragments Android provides controls for the user to pick a time or pick a date as ready-to-use dialogs. Each picker provides controls for selecting each part of the time (hour, minute, AM/PM) or date (month, day, year). Using these pickers helps ensure that your users can pick a time or date that is valid, formatted correctly, and adjusted to the user's locale. We recommend that you use DialogFragment to host each time or date picker. The DialogFragment Read more [...]