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IntelliRing. Your smartphone merely got smarter. IntelliRing makes your phone smarter by:. 1. Buzzing loud when your phone joins your wallet, a bag, or cover. After that, as you pull your phone out, the volume is reduced. 2. Ringing simply a little bit louder than the ambient sound when not in your pocket (say goodbye embarrassing loud ringtones in your silent workplace). 3. Warning discreetly, when your phone is level on your workdesk, deal with down (conference mode). 4. Silencing your phone Read more [...]

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PREPARE FOR SOMETHING AMAZING! AN AMAZING NEW PHYSICS PUZZLE COMPETITION FROM THE DESIGNERS OF ANGRY BIRDS! Meet AMAZING Alex! This whiz little one has a boundless imagination and a houseful of fun playthings that can easily turn everything in to an adventure! From tidying up his area to battling cardboard robotics in his yard, Alex produces fantastic domino effect to get the job done with the maximum quantity of enjoyable! Now he has some challenges for you-- and he wants to see the most imaginative Read more [...]

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You've just received a Motorola Motorola xoom or perhaps a Samsung Galaxy Utes II. The next phase would be to choose which apps to install that may work well with the new device. That may help you narrow down your alternatives, the following is a brief list of what can be regarded an optimum seeking the on-the-go individual. The criteria provide what can end up being most useful with regards to document development and expressing, file operations and revealing, Internet exploring, multimedia managing, Read more [...]