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Description Turn-based strategy set in the zombie apocalypse. "I don't wave around non-words like 'unputdownable' often, but Rebuild deserves it." - Touch Arcade (4.5/5) "Rebuild is a solid, fun, unique and just plain awesome game." - JayIsGames (4.6/5 Best strategy or simulation game of 2011) GAMEPLAY Gather survivors of the zombie apocalypse and defend your fort against undead attacks. Reclaim one building at a time and put your survivors to work scavenging for food, building houses, Read more [...]

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As well as bringing a nightmarish hurricane to the US and a slightly unseasonal chill to Britain, the month of October saw the relatively muted launch of PlayStation Mobile. As you may or may not know, Sony's recently opened game store serves customers rocking PlayStation Certified Android devices and the handful of people who own PS Vitas (ouch). If you happen to be the proud owner of one of the 12 PS Mobile-compatible devices, then you are probably whooping right about now. If, however, Read more [...]

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is Go on Mobile, and It's Glorious I shouldn't have to tell any self—respecting gamer to go drop $4.99 on the tenth anniversary edition of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on iOS or Android (once it's live). For those that lack self-respect, go drop $4.99 on the tenth anniversary edition of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It's better than ever. Along with the HD graphics and portability, the mobile version of the best game in Rockstar's beloved crime simulator series Read more [...]

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Best Hack And Slash Games For iOS And Android Blizzard is hard at work adding some much-needed polish and content to the third outing in its best-selling Diablo franchise. If the charm offensive has yet to win you over, why not look through our list of outstanding mobile hack-and-slash games? Some of these titles give even the PC and console big-boys a run for their money, and are sure to provide great value for yours. A dungeon-crawler in the most classic vein, this top-down isometric battler Read more [...]

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Page 1 of 250 best free Android games 2012 50 best free Android games 2012These are the best free games for Android As Android phones and tablets have increased in popularity, the number of apps available for the platform has rocketed. And that means more free Android games. There's a lot of junk out there but, fortunately, there are gems among the junk. We've worked our way through a whole load of Android games to reveal the ones you should download to your phone. If we've missed your Read more [...]