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Carriers and developers feed on growing Android security fears — but are they real? It's been a common refrain from both mobile security firms and Android detractors for much of the last year: Google's mobile OS supposedly has a security problem thanks to rapidly-growing influx of malware. However, while statistics like "Android Malware up 3,325 percent in seven months" (as Juniper Networks reported earlier this year) can frighten the average user, it's still debatable as to exactly Read more [...]

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The 'android developer console' publish and save buttons don't do anything I login and click the "APK Files" tab and upload my updated APK. I have done this successfully 15 times before. I press the save button, literally nothing happens. No error, no message, no page refresh, nada. When I press the "Un-publish" button, nothing happens. I've triple checked my program, it is working perfectly. I've tried other browsers, restarted eclipse, the smartphone, computer, it's all fine. Something Read more [...]

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A couple of days ago a new Google note-taking app called Keep made its means to the web for a brief time, prior to vanishing again. Now Google Keep is back, and lastly official. So exactly what does the new app bring to the table? Essentially it is somewhat like Evernote, enabling you to create, spare and share notes, images, job email lists and other content in an arranged manner. The experience progresses past your phone or tablet computer though, as it is incorporated into Google Drive and that Read more [...]

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Earlier today a collection of dripped Google Babble screenshots has struck the internet, however a reputabled resource informs us the pictures are artificial. Google Babble is reportedly a new Google messaging app that can be unveiled at Google I/O. Babble will supply online users a method to combine all their messaging needs into a solitary combined app that could possibly enhance their messaging experience across tools. The app can be for Android what iMessage is for iOS tools and Macs, or BBM Read more [...]

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Google chairman Eric Schmidt has relatively put an end to rumors claiming that the Chrome and Android running systems would certainly become a solitary body in the future. Talking at the Big Outdoor tents conference in New Delhi, Schmidt claimed that Chrome and Android had remain separate items. Still, he did leave some area for the two globes to interact, pointing out that there could be others 'commonness' in between the 2. According to Indian portal Very first Blog post (resource link here), Read more [...]