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How to make your Android phone look like an iPhone 5 If you're curious what your Android phone would look like disguised as an iPhone 5, there's a launcher program that will do just that. Fake iPhone 5 (Credit: Screenshot by Ed Rhee/CNET) Apps that make Android phones look like iPhones aren't new by any means, but they remain an interesting novelty that seems to appeal to a lot of Android users. If you've been curious about how iOS 6 would look on your Android phone, a new app called Fake Read more [...]

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Native iOS, Android, Hybrid, and Mobile Web Application Development Create rich native iOS, Android, hybrid, and mobile web apps from a single JavaScript-based SDK. The Titanium cross platform mobile application SDK empowers you to choose the right way to reach your end users on android, iOS, hybrid, and any other device. Download Titanium The debate is over — you can have it all. The Titanium Mobile SDK leverages over 5,000 device and mobile operating system APIs to develop native iOS, Read more [...]