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AKB0048 Anime Music Game Visiting apple iphone And Android In November AKB0048 Anime Music Game Visiting apple iphone And Android In November Satelight, the animation studio behind the Persona 2: Innocent Sin PSP opening movie and also the E.X. Military marketing anime, made an anime series in line with the popular idol group AKB48. The series happens these days where humans evacuated a war torn Earn and also the AKB48 idols were raised from the dead to create AKB0048 to sing pop tunes through Read more [...]

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Description The most powerful Android music making app just got better. Caustic 2 is a rack-mount simulation that combines synthesizers and samplers to create music. Everything is optimized for real-time performance, no internet connection required. Create your rack by adding any 6 of these machines: * Virtual analog subtractive synthesizer * PCM synthesizer * BassLine synthesizer (303-like synth) * Sampling drum machine The app also includes * Effects rack supporting 2 effects per machine. Read more [...]

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So Apple did the deed. It bought streaming music startup Lala. AllThingsD's Peter Kafka says it was done at a valuation reflecting Warner Music Group's writedown earlier this spring, which means investors are lucky to get 50 cents on the dollar. The New York Times also reported that the sale was prompted by realization that Lala's prospects for profitability in the near future were dim. This makes Lala the third music startup this fall to be acquired at a breakeven or loss to investors, after iLike Read more [...]

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Just like a lot of you out presently there, I devote my evening rushing coming from place to place, looking to get a thousand things accomplished at once. Occasionally though, there's way too much strain. So, I prefer to make everything much better by inserting into a number of beloved songs and permit the music scrub away all of the problems. My oh my! Whether it's operating the train to work, sprinting in the park, or perhaps chilling in your own home, music might just be the best way to allow Read more [...]