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Tired of all the overly-serious modern military FPS games that populate the gaming landscape lately? Want to go on a colorful cyberpunk romp, fighting the robotic servants of a homicidal AI, loaded to the tooth with explosive weapons, including an unlimited-ammo shotgun that's the default weapon? Welcome to Neon Shadow, a radically fast FPS that harkens back to the days of Doom. Levels have one specific objective: get to the end alive. Perhaps that requires destroying a power cube to open up the Read more [...]

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In a bit of surprising news this afternoon, Crescent Moon Studios and Tasty Poison have released their first-person shooter game for Android called Neon Shadow. This sci-fi colorful shooting experience pits the player against an army of Mechanoids bent on the destruction of humanity. Update: Not so fast, my friend! Game's been pulled temporarily for an issue, will be back on Wednesday. Read more [...]

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Tasty Poison and Crescent Moon Games have decided to release Neon Shadow on to Android first. As such, it seemed appropriate to make it our Video of the Day. This is a fast-paced, cyberpunk-inspired, first-person shooter with gameplay that harkens back to the days of Doom and to modern takes like Serious Sam. There are bunches of enemies, only rudimentary puzzles, and survival is key. Even the damage-riddled face of the protagonist being part of the HUD is an obvious tribute to Doom. Players start Read more [...]

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Crescent Moon is readied to release Neon Shadow by Tasty Toxin Gamings, which the firm is most effectively known for its game Pocket RPG. Neon Shadow, a run & weapon style FPS, will certainly deliver a new Cyberpunk globe to Android gamers and is encouraged by the similarity Doom and Quake. It will certainly also provide exact same device multiplayer, along with internet co-op and fatality match modes. Anticipate Neon Shadow on Android devices by the end of the summertime. Read more [...]