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Android Coding With coding example for Android development Here Override onTouchEvent() in SurfaceView to deal with user touch event. Handle onTouchEvent in SurfaceView package com.TestSurefaceView import java.util.Random import android.application.Activity import android.content.Context import android.graphics.Canvas import android.graphics.Color import android.graphics.Fresh paint import android.os.Bundle import android.view.MotionEvent import android.view.SurfaceHolder import android.view.SurfaceView Read more [...]

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Considering obtaining the Nokia Lumia 900? Watch this video first! People produce lots of shit for stating that Home windows Phone, in the current version, isn't a smartphone platform I'd recommend to other people. Actually, each time I talk about a Nokia Lumia device I recieve pelted with comments from psychologically ill fanbois who say such things as &ldquoyou should not talk about phones again&rdquo or &ldquoyou're saying each one of these bad things since you want Nokia to fail&rdquo. Read more [...]

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BlackBerry phones 'to run Android apps' BlackBerry-maker Research in motion sales looks progressively prone to offer Android compatibility on its forthcoming phones. Lady using Blackberry phone The move would address critique that BlackBerry doesn't have enough programs by permitting the products to operate individuals designed for Google's rival Android operating-system. It might also lessen RIM's find it difficult to persuade designers to create applications particularly for BlackBerry. Read more [...]

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Android 4. is originating! Update: individuals individuals searching to experience with Android on Pi prior to our source code release may want to look into the community Razdroid project, which recently created its first non-faster port of Gingerbread on the surface of the openly launched VideoCore binary. Naren has worked on a port of Android 4. (Frozen Treats Sandwich) to Raspberry Pi, and as you can tell in the screenshots and video below, he's been making great progress. Hardware-faster Read more [...]

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I've been getting the "Low on Space: Phone Storage Space is getting low" error on my Droid ERIS for a while and though I know it's different for everyone, I discovered my culprit: TEXT MESSAGES. If you've deleted apps, cleared your cache, etc., here's another thing to check before resorting to a reset. Know these things: - Unlike every phone I've ever owned before, Droid ERIS (and other models too) apparently doesn't autodelete your texts, or have a cap that would prompt you to know it was Read more [...]