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Robo5 is a challenging and cute puzzle platformer game. Set in a futuristic globe, you have to assist a robotic via levels of crates and boxes to complete each phase. It has a rolling narrative and brilliant story. The graphics are rather amazing and although I didn't find it to be the most appealing from a puzzle point of view, supporters of platformers must appreciate the gameplay. Robo5 is arrived a plain and foreboding future where you take the role of a lonely robot. He needs to make his method Read more [...]

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Exactly what you obtain listed here is something other than possibly anticipated when checking out the name. It joins truth a puzzle game. This is a genre that I truly appreciate which also has a great deal of fans. In Robo5, you have to assist a robotic through numerous unsafe worlds. Why this app is a lot fun will be described in today's app examination evaluation. Do you know of the game" Catherine" for Xbox360 or Playstation3? Parts of this competition are very similar to the app. It also has Read more [...]