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As we recently mark the arbitrary end point from where we say one year ends and another begins, the mobile world looks and wonders: is this the revolution around the sun where things really change? In particular, I get the feeling like 2013 is going to be a huge year for Android gaming. Gaming-focused Android devices like the Ouya and Project Shield are going to hit store shelves, the 7" tablet form factor has exploded in popularity, and the phones are just getting more and more powerful. It seems Read more [...]

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Usually, when it comes to Android releases, I'm subject to at least a little bit of disappointment that games don't work as well on Android as they do on iOS, or that the game doesn't release on time, or whatever issues may pop up. But this doesn't have to be the case. One of the biggest things that impressed me about Real Racing 3's release on Android was both that they managed to push it out at about the same time, and that they got the game working about as fluidly as it does on iOS devices. Read more [...]

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I've ranted a lot regarding piracy and the advantages of Android's openness just recently. However, a current discovery from developer Lucky Framework seems to emphasize exactly how bad the issue is: their new game Gentlemen! had actually 8 paid downloads with 2,462 pirated duplicates downloaded and install as of this previous Friday, a married couple days after release. Oops. Now, my initial response is that this is a revolting point, that Android gamers have to sustain original paid material on Read more [...]

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It's a little attribute. Literally, it's little. Nonetheless, it's one that Google appears to foolishly be abandoning in their brand-new gadgets: microSD card support. For whatever explanation, Google's Nexus gadgets are deserting the lengthy storage space supplied by exterior cards, and are as an alternative going with flash storage space only. Now, Google has some technical reasons for doing this, approximately they declare: one is that Android only needed SD card help because numerous very early Read more [...]