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An alternative app marketplace

1Mobile Market is an app store for Android smartphones, and one of the most popular alternatives to the official marketplace. It enables users to browse through well-organized, categorized apps and download them through a fluid, seamless UI. The store features niche applications that the users wouldn’t otherwise be able to get, as well as exciting promotion codes at times.

A great way to spice things up

While iOS users can only get their apps from the iTunes app store, those with Android devices get to enjoy several excellent options. 1Mobile Market store is one such option, a free alternative to the official Android marketplace.

Note that the minimum system requirement is Android 2.3 OS and that you need to enable ‘unknown sources’ in your settings if you wish to install it. There’s also 1Mobile Market for PC and tablets – all you need is an emulator and you’ll be running your favorite Android apps on a larger screen.

Once you install the software, you’ll get to see a neat, well-organized interface of categories, featured, top, and new apps through which you browse.

The platform is speedy and without lags, allowing you to install apps with ease. Another perk is that some of the featured pieces of software boast free promo codes. Through them, you may gain access to specific app settings.

If you find it running slow due to the poor condition of your smartphone or Internet connection, there’s also a 1Mobile Market Lite version where you get to enjoy all the main features without such a burden on your device.

The store features

Although it’s possible to browse and download anonymously, you’ll need to create an account to enjoy the features of this app fully. You may do so through any of your social media accounts, email account, or Google+.

1Mobile Market Android boasts a massive selection of free apps for the operating system available for direct download. The current number of 800,000 keeps growing daily, with new apps getting added after the curation by the professional editorial team.

The interface features language and content support in 13 languages for added ease of usage worldwide.

When it comes to interface organization and sections, you’ll find an app updater, a dedicated area for ongoing downloads, an uninstaller, backup, synchronization with the Cloud, and wallpaper management. What is more, each app page features a related apps section to point you in the right direction.

Within the integrated functions for system management, you gain tools to manage your mobile device and the applications you chose to install. Here is also where you update the programs you enjoy using and uninstall the apps you no longer need.

The Settings area features plenty of tools for personalizing your experience even further. There, you may pick where the app places your recent downloads, an APK file manager, and enable your phone to install the app from an unknown source.

In the customizable Notifications section, you may have 1Mobile Market tell you once your favorites get updates if it runs into errors when it completes downloads, and much more, as well as disable the pop-ups you don’t want to see.

Content selection

Everywhere, and especially in a marketplace as big as Google Play Store, many apps lack publicity or get overwhelmed by similar releases even if they’re of high quality. To give them more exposure, 1Mobile Market showcases popular and niche applications alike.

The impressive number of 800,000 applications is divided into categories for easier searching to avoid overwhelming users.

Through the classification, you may find sections such as Android cleaners, chat software, games, browsers, wallpapers, and much more. Alternatively, you may use the search tool to find what you want manually by typing a name or applying filters.

Other sections include Top, Featured, and New apps, where you can find the user base’s biggest hits locally or globally, the highest-quality noteworthy apps, and the latest additions to the library.

Apart from the games and apps themselves, the platform features some bells and whistles to make your smartphone usage that much more enjoyable.

In the Wallpaper section, you will find over 3.1 million available wallpapers to download or share with friends, all in HD and high quality. They also come in helpful categories per theme, as well as top and new sections.

The social aspect

Another exciting category is the Funny section, which adds a social network quality to 1Mobile Market users. The platform enables you to share important moments of your life with your fellow users if you logged in through an account.

This social media functionality offers you two options – post photos and other content from your SD card or pluck from their selection of images and GIFs to send into their system. Once you do so, other users may view, like, comment, and share them.

Bugs and alternatives

One of the most significant drawbacks of 1Mobile Market over the official app store is its third-party origin. Since it hasn’t passed the Google Security standards, there’s no safety guarantee. In addition, it’s pretty inconvenient since there’s no desktop version of the app.

Another thing is that not all apps you choose to download will be safe, either. There are dozens of fake and fraudulent pieces of software on the platform, so it’s necessary to keep an eye out when browsing.

Finally, this platform requires an excessive number of permissions and accesses, without declaring a straightforward privacy policy.

If you are seeking alternatives, the Google Play store is your safest bet. However, there are also more reliable niche options, such as Aptoide and F-Droid, both quite similar to the official version. GetJar is the most prominent open-source app store in the world, and another intriguing choice.

A great alternative to try out

Although it doesn’t carry the safety of the Play Store, 1Mobile Market is quite functional and easy to grasp and use, making it great for those who want to try something new. If you do try it, though, be sure that you’re downloading responsibly to avoid causing harm to your smartphone.

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