A Big Update Is Coming To Windows 10 This October


Windows 11 is getting ready to celebrate its first birthday, and it’s been getting all sorts of updates over the past 11 months. But what about Windows 10? Well, Microsoft confirmed that Windows 10 is getting a big update this October- just don’t get too excited about it.

As you can imagine, Windows 11 is the dartboard for all of Microsoft’s new updates and features, but the older operating system has been getting updates over the past year. These are your routine security and stability updates that keep the wheels greased.

This Windows 10 update will be big, just not in the way you’d expect

If you’re still on the fence about upgrading to Windows 11, you still have a few years to mull it over. Microsoft will continue to support the middling operating system until 2025. This means that your Windows 10 computer will still get the essential security and stability updates until then.


However, that’s about it. As you can imagine, the company is going full steam ahead with Windows 11 features.

This new big update coming to Windows 10 update is a reflection of this. Microsoft isn’t adding any new features or additional functionality with this update. It’s going to contain several bug fixes and stability enhancements. This is from reports gathered from customers over the past couple of months. We know that the update will happen sometime in the month of October, but we don’t know the exact date.

In Other Microsoft News: Microsoft Will Not Raise Xbox Prices In The Near Future

Phil Spencer spoke to CNBC recently about Microsoft’s plans for its Xbox consoles. When asked about any potential price hikes, Spencer responded “I can definitely say we have no plans, today, to raise the price of our console.”


This means that we shouldn’t expect to see any price increases in the near future. However, it doesn’t mean that the price will never go up. At this point, based on Spencer’s response, Microsoft seems to be unclear about the future.

This is evident in Spencer’s comment “We’re always evaluating our business going forward… I don’t think we can ever say, on anything, that we will never do something”. Basically, the company doesn’t plan on raising the prices, but a price change isn’t out of the question.

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