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I love trying out some new Adidas headphones. With more people than ever working out form home, a good set of headphones to listen to your workout music and not disturb others is important. I spent some time with these great new headphones, so here is my Adidas RPT-01 Review.

Build and Design

The ergonomic design is flexible and durable, they feel solid and you won’t worry about throwing these in your gym bag and be on your way.

The fabric covering is tactile and reassuringly ‘grippy’. There are washable ear cushions and inner headband if needed so don’t be afraid of these picking up sweat during a run or workout.

adidas rpt-01 sports headphones box front

They are available in Black/Grey, Light Grey and Signal Coral colours.


The right ear cup has a multi-directional knob which handles power, pairing, volume control, and playback. A little like a small joystick controller – a push to the left or right skips or rewinds tracks while a push up or down adjusts volume. It’s a nice design and shows some thought on the ability to perform these actions by touch alone. There is no need to take the headset off and look for a touch sensitive button! The joystick is form to move at first, but you get used to it.

ADIDAS RPT-01 Headphones Right Joystick

The left ear cup has a single Action button. By default, a single press of this activates Google Assistant or Siri, but you can use the Adidas Headphones app to make this default to other custom actions like playing a specific album in Spotify. It’s a nice touch and could be useful if you have a specific running or workout playlist!

The Specs

The RPT001 headphones have 2 x 40mm dynamic drivers, with a sensitivity of 109dB @ 179mVrms @1kHz. Frequency response is 20Hz to 20kHz.

adidas rpt-01 sports headphones box back

The sound quality is definitely better with louder fast paced music. More delicate vocal or classical tracks don’t sound quite as good. But then these are aimed at gyms and running environments – and for that they’re very well suited.

Battery and Charging

The RPT-01s have a discreet USB-C charging port on the very bottom. There is no other headphone connection, so there is no fallback once the batter runs out.

That’s unlikely though, given the great internal battery is rated at 40+ hours listening time, which should cover even the most ardent music lover. The charge time from ’empty’ is rated at 3 hours so you’ll soon be back up and running.


I really enjoyed doing the Adidas RPT-01 review, they are a well built quality product, and while the sound across the entire range range might not be perfect, they deliver what’s needed – loud punchy sound to keep you motivated while working out.

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