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The purpose of Ancient American magazine is to describe the prehistory of the American Continent, regardless of presently fashionable beliefs— to provide a public forum for certified experts and nonprofessionals alike to freely express their views without fear nor favor.

Ancient American is an open forum for anyone, regardless of academic background, to share their discoveries and ideas about the prehistory of our country with readers across the nation and around the world. As an exercise in freedom of thought, we welcome the participation of amateurs, in addition to professionals. In turn, public input is accepted and encouraged. Feel free to contact us about subscriptions, book orders, back issues, change of address, article submissions, advertising, books for review, and general information.

AA Back IssuesAncient American Digitally Available in PDF! The complete Ancient American library is now available for download digitally in PDFs. From our ground-breakting first issue, to our current issue, take Ancient American on-the-go with iPads, tablets, iPod touches, iPhones, Android phones, Blackberry phones, or any other mobile device that supports the viewing of PDF files. …Or simply view them at home on your computer with sAdobe Reader or other PDF viewer. Purchase Back Issues at the Ancient American Store in Print and PDF versions.

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