Android 11


Android 11

You may recall that the name of a dessert, or a confection, used to refer to an Android version. But with the latest android version, Android 10, this tradition has changed. The next one may be android 11. But users didn’t seem to appreciate the new android OS. They felt that it did not contain anything fresh.

Google’s new Android operating system announced Google I / O, the world’s largest and most popular technology conference. In addition, a preview version of the new operating system will release in the last few weeks of March. But earlier this year, they decided to make a preview of their latest version of the OS. Many people refer to this operating system as “Android R,” but it is named Android 11. Developer Preview has already been released to One of the objectives is to enhance 5G experience. The UI or UX (user interface or user experience) is not much different. 

To install this operating system, you have to flash the whole system manually. The Developer Preview currently only supports Pixel 2, 3, 3A, and four phones. The main objectives of this operating system are to enable 5G bandwidth and the new trend-packed foldable phones to work more efficiently. Additionally, developer preview features include low-latency video decoding. Android 11 also consists of a special HEIF – High-Efficiency Image File Format for streaming services, including Google’s latest Game Streaming service, Stadia. It also includes Google’s new Neuronal Network API (Application Programming Interface). Android 11 includes similar functionality to Apple’s iOS iMessage. 

Android 11 Features

If you are a Facebook user, you may remember the “chat heads” in its Messaging Platform. The new Bubbles feature created to mimic that feature. Chat Bubble lets you convert several apps into the Chat Bubble. Currently, this feature is only supported by Google Messaging. However, the purpose is to make other messaging apps the same.


 In this lets, you chat separately in the notifications section. Messaging allows users to intercept other notifications without interruption.

New App Permissions

 Usually, any app we install will display a Permission Request on the screen if we want to get our camera, microphone, and location data. The majority of devices respond to that request with only two choices: Permission or Not. However, you will have the option of granting Permission only temporarily.

Screen Recording

 The new Android 11 will also feature a screen recording feature that will be introduced by Google.

In addition to these facilities;

  • Real-time dark mode enabled.
  • Motion Sense gesture is support for Pixel 4 phones.
  • Also, when airplane mode is enabled, Bluetooth audio connections will not be disconnected.

However, we should keep in mind that this is just a Developer Preview. We’ll hear more about the new android 11 at Google I / O next May.

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