Android 11


Screen recorderScreen recording is now built in, so you don’t need an extra app. Record with sound from your mic, your device or both.

App suggestionsPixel devices1 now make app suggestions based on your daily routines. These apps show up on the bottom row of your home screen. So you can get the apps you need when you need them.

Smart foldersSee intelligent suggestions for folder names on your Pixel device1. For a home screen that stays organized.

Call screeningNew APIs to help screening apps better identify spam calls.

Schedule Dark modeSchedule when you want your phone to turn to Dark mode. And when you want it to go back to a standard display.

Picture-in-picturePicture-in-picture windows can be adjusted to fit the size you need.

5G detection APIWith new APIs, apps know if you’re on a 5G connection. So you get better performance.

Hinge angle sensor supportSo apps can better support all kinds of foldable configurations.

Ethernet tetheringShare a tethered internet connection with a USB ethernet dongle.

Gesture sensitivityWhen using gesture nav, you can now fine-tune both Back gestures on the left and right edge independently of one another.

Notification historyYour notification history is now available in settings.

SharesheetPin the apps you use most in the Sharesheet.

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