Android 11 Beta: All Upgrades, Improvements & New Features Explained


Android 11 is going to be launched later in the year. Here is a closer look at its new features, upgrades, and improvements.

The latest beta versions for Android 11 have been made available to the developers. Google unveiled the beta versions for Android 11 through web pages and short videos series. Whatever the release method is, the new Android 11 has various improvements and new features exciting everyone.

android 11 beta

The Android 11 beta released by Google is full of many new features to enhance the users’ experience regarding Android. However, the company has made the beta preview available to the users, but they need to remain cautious while downloading it. Since this is the latest version of the software, it may be bugs prone. The beta version will go through various releases with lots of improvements in the years to come. All these changes will be introduced to make it perfect before its final release suited to customer needs. Meanwhile, Google is assisting developers in building apps for Android 11 by hosting various meetings throughout the world.

The search engine giant has provided enough information previously regarding the Android 11. The upgrades in the new Android version are largely focused on equipping Android users with apps or upgrades to control the devices easily. Also, many new features are introduced to improve in-app interactions. Apart from these, Google has paid much attention to improve the notifications section and the way to view and utilize it. Google has minimized the noise in Android 11 to enable the users to see the notifications first. For some Android users, the new Android version’s features may appear subdued as the improvements are not so visible. But these improvements are going to change the user experience significantly.

Android 11 Beta: Get Start

While the recent beta version lacks stability, the company has scheduled the second beta in July, and the final beta release is set to be launched in the 3rd quarter of the year 2020. Meanwhile, Google has made it clear that the latest update is focused on Privacy, People, and Controls. Beginning with smooth and uninterrupted communication, here is the list of some significant features.

Bubble Chat Heads & Easy Communication

Google is striving hard to make Android more expressive and user-oriented. The newly introduced operating system will help the users in prioritizing important and special people. A dedicated section has been introduced to allow conversations all across the apps smoothly. The options are given in the apps to open it as a bubble and create a reminder. Also, the apps can be added to the home screen as shortcut icons to open it later. Also, the users can mark their conversation as important, so they can begin any important conversation bypassing the mode ” Do Not Disturb.”

Bubbles feature in Android 11 is very much similar to chat heads used in Messenger on Facebook. Bubbles chat heads will allow the users to continue their important conversation even while doing some other task. The Bubbles features will be available to apps used for messaging services.

Medial Controls and Enhanced connected Devices

Google is intended to make it easy for its users to access synced and smart devices from a single phone and control them. Google wanted its users to access and control all these through its new operating system. For example, the redesigned power button is specifically capable of allowing its users to access their smart devices easily. Besides, if you keep the power button pressing longer, it will allow you to control the connected devices quickly. You can turn off the lights or turn on the temperature by using a single button. Things are becoming more accessible with the payment methods provided beside such controls.

Media controls introduced in the new Android version will allow the users to toggle across multiple devices to access any playing media. You can switch between connected TVs, headphones and wireless speakers. Moreover, online game players, including those active on Google Stadia, will benefit from video decoding on low latency.

Better Accessibility & Gboard Suggestions

With the new operating system, the users will get some more relevant suggestions for text and emojis from Gboard. Moreover, the company has made voice access more dynamic. The users who are dependent on navigating through voice will find it more convenient. The use of the visual cortex provided on-device can comprehend the context and content on the screen more smoothly.

More Secure & Safe App Permission

Android 11 has been introduced with one-time permission features, which is a major security improvement. The users can grant any app permission for using a camera, mic, location services, etc. only for once. In case if the app wanted to use these features again, it will require to seek permission again. Besides, the users need to reset the app permission for those apps which have not been in use for long. The users will get notification from the app to grant it fresh permission.

Some More Improvements in Android 11

Some other improvements include the new user interface provided to the developers by the company. The company has upgrades regarding wireless ADB debugging, increasing ADB to enable faster installation of APKs large in numbers and enhanced APIs. Apart from these, the company has introduced Bluetooth use even if airplane mode is on, dark mode, screen recordings natively, and viewing the notifications which are dismissed. The new Android version is also going to handle the changes coming with foldable devices and 5G technology.


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