Android 11 breaks the Pixel 4a’s fun wallpapers, but a


While most companies try to hide display cutouts with wallpapers, seemingly as as something to be ashamed of, Google took the route of highlighting the Pixel 4a’s pinhole cutout as a feature in its series of fun new wallpapers for the phone. Unfortunately, the latest Android 11 Beta (which the Pixel 4a just got) applies a crop to wallpapers for a new zoomed-in animation it does when entering the multitasking menu or app drawer, and that breaks all the cleverly designed wallpapers. However, Google tells us a fix is planned.

Although the wallpaper preview is correct (left), the actual wallpaper ends up cropped (right).

In case you’re out of the loop, Google’s Pixel 4a features one of those new-fangled hole-punch or pinhole-style cameras in the top left corner. Rather than try to hide it with a dark spot or gradient on the default wallpapers, as most companies are apt to do, Google made it a highlight as part of its new “For Fun” series of wallpapers made for the Pixel 4a, turning the camera into a dog’s nose, the wheel of a skateboard, a hole in a bowling ball, and a toy for animals, among other creative ideas.


None of these look quite right on the Pixel 4a in Android 11.

With the Pixel 5 expected to adopt a similar design and likely launch with Android 11, it was a bit of a bummer that the new wallpapers didn’t work correctly as a result of the changes in Android 11. But after noticing the issue, we reached out to Google for more information, and we’re told that a fix is will be ready before Android 11 rolls out, though we weren’t told what form it will take.

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