Android 11: Here’s when its rolling out to your phones


android 11

android 11

Android 11 is now here after months of beta tests. Not exactly as revolutionary as other past upgrades, the latest android operating system also brings a range of new privacy features, as well as some visual improvements that can make it much easier to navigate items like smart home devices. 

You may, of course, be wondering exactly when your smartphone gets latest android. The good news is that, earlier than ever, Android 11 is arriving on more smartphones. The bad news is that on day one, only Pixel phones receive secure updates, with betas obtained by other phones. The fact that several phones have betas, luckily, means that they are likely to get secure updates shortly. 

We’ve put together a list of all the phones that have been verified to get Android 11, and those that we expect to finally get an upgrade. 

 Samsung is also part of the beta programme for Android 11, but membership is restricted to only the Galaxy S20 series. The China-based manufacturer also posted a list of Redmi phones that will get the latest operating system alongside the list of Xiaomi-branded phones. Realme runs an Android 11 beta programme as well, but only one handset, the Realme X50 Pro, is part of the beta. 

Oppo is also part of the 11 update, including OnePlus, and some Oppo phones are receiving the update on Pixel smartphones alongside the stable version. 

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