Android 11: Here’s when the update is coming to your


New operating systems bring tons of great features, security updates and enhancements you never knew you were missing.

For months, we’ve been writing about all you can expect with the latest version of Android. Tap or click here to see the Android 11 features we’re most excited about.

While most Android users get access to the new updates as soon as they roll out, Samsung owners are often left in the dust. If you have a Samsung smartphone, we finally have answers on when you can expect the latest OS. Good news: It won’t be long!

Why Samsung phones have to wait for Android 11

Samsung phones are some of the most popular Android devices. But while they’re in high demand, it almost always takes longer for the latest OS updates. That’s because Samsung phones run a customized version of Android OS, One UI.

The latest version, One UI 3, hasn’t rolled out for most devices yet. If you’ve been waiting to find out when Android 11 and the One UI 3 will be coming to your smartphone, we have good news: There’s finally a firm schedule.

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What features can I expect?

Before we get to the dates, you’re probably wondering what the big deal is with Android 11, anyway. It gives you more control over sensitive permissions, and developers are working to keep devices more secure through faster updates, too. Here are two standout additions:

  • One-time permission allows you to give an app access to your device’s microphone, camera or location, just that one time. The app can request permissions again the next time it is used. Right now, you need a separate (paid) app to accomplish that.
  • Permissions auto-reset: If you haven’t used an app for an extended period of time, Android 11 will “auto-reset” all of the runtime permissions associated with it and notify you when it does. That means unused apps will no longer have access to your location, camera or microphone. You can grant permissions again the next time you use the app.

When will my Samsung device get the update?

Security tip: Use this app to see when your phone’s mic and camera are in use

Ready to get started with lots of new features? Here’s when you can expect to get access to the operating system.

December 2020:

  • Galaxy S20
  • S20 Plus
  • S20 Ultra

January 2021:

  • Galaxy Note 20
  • Note 20 Ultra
  • Galaxy S20 FE

February 2021:

  • Galaxy Fold
  • Galaxy Z Fold 2
  • Galaxy Z Flip
  • Z Flip 5G
  • Galaxy Note 10
  • Note 10 Plus
  • Galaxy S10
  • S10 Plus
  • S10e
  • S10 Lite

The exact date you’ll get the update ultimately depends on your provider. Some have already started to roll out the update to some Samsung devices. T-Mobile, for example, began the rollout a few days ago for some S20 devices, and Sprint subscribers are included now that the two companies have merged.

Not sure whether you have access to the update?

  • Open the Settings app on your Android device and tap System.
  • Tap Advanced, followed by System Update.
  • Tap Check for Update. If the update is available on your device, it will populate the menu for you to download.

You’ll also get a notification when your phone has access to the update rollout.

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