Android 11 is going to blow your mind with these


Most awaited Android 11 expected release date is May 12, 2020.

We know the Google IO 2020 will run from May 12-14 of the this year and Google’s keynote tends to happen on day 1 of the three day developers conference. After that, different smartphone brands will have their devices eligible for the update slowly over time. The OnePlus 7T and 7TPro were the first non-Google smartphones which came with Android 10 in the box, but it could be a different company for Android 11.

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Not all smartphone manufacturers upgrade immediately, however, and it’ll likely be some time in 2021 that all smartphones that can upgrade, have had the upgrade made available.

Android 11 beta: Developer preview

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The first Android 11 developer preview is available. Google has officially launched the developer page after we were able to take a look at the site last week. The beta is aimed exclusively at developers who can customize their apps by accessing on Google’s new Android system. The first Android 11 beta is initially only available on Google smartphones, the Pixel 2, Pixel 3, 3a, Pixel 4. Developers who own a Pixel smartphone can also work with an emulator.

Android 11 is going to blow your mind with these featuresWhen will  new Android  be released?

The Android 11 expected to be announced on May 12, 2020 and the final build will begin to roll out from October 2020 to all eligible phones.

Android 11 Builds Release Timeline :-

Developer Preview 1 : February, 2020.
Developer Preview 2 : March, 2020
Developer Preview 3 : April, 2020
Beta 1 Version : May, 2020
Beta 2 Version : June, 2020
Beta 3 Version : 3Q 2020
Final Version : 3Q 2020

Here is a list of all Android 11 features

1 Mute Notifications during recording
2 Improved touch sensitivity
3 Native screen recording
4 Scrolling screenshots
5 Back gesture tweaking
6 Improve support for curved displays
7 AirPlane mode won’t turn off Bluetooth
8 Share menu App pinning
9 Improved notification shade conversations
10 Chat bubbles
11 Dark mode scheduling
12 One time permissions
13 Scoped storage
14 Better handling of older notifications
15 Project mainline enhancements
17 Reverse charging
18 Motion controls for certain phones

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