Android 11 Promises to Improve Entry-Level Device Performance


Google has released the latest version of Android, including new features and some significant performance gains, especially for entry-level devices.

Google first introduced the Go edition of its Android operating system in 2018, with the goal to bring high-end features to low-end devices. As a result, the Go edition is specifically optimized for devices that have less memory and slower processors.

One of the main focus point of Android 11 is enhanced privacy features, giving people more control over what access applications are given. Go edition benefits from those same privacy enhancements. This version also introduces Safe Folder in Files by Google that can be used to protect sensitive files in an encrypted folder.

One of the best features of Android 11 Go edition is improved performance for its target devices.

”In the past two years, smartphone manufacturers have produced high-quality Android devices—with features like dual cameras or fingerprint scanners—at more affordable prices,” writes Sagar Kamdar VP of Product Management, Android. “As more of these memory-intensive features come to entry-level smartphones, our partners have asked us to improve performance on these devices, particularly around speed, storage, and memory. So, starting next month Android (Go edition) will be available on all new devices with up to 2GB of memory.

”With the expansion to 2GB, apps launch up to 20 percent faster, and with an additional 270 MB of additional free memory, people can now run three to four more apps in the background. Android (Go edition) on 2GB devices also comes with up to 900MB of additional free storage space—enough to take up to 300 more selfies and download an entire movie.”

This is good news for Android users, especially those on entry-level devices.

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