Android 11 reportedly has the fastest adoption rate


Google’s Android mobile operating system is notorious for its slow adoption of newer version but that is now getting changed. As per the latest data from StatCounter, the latest Android 11 has the fastest adoption rate out of any Android version so far in the U.S.

As per the report, Google‘s Android 11 has more than 25 percent of the smartphones and tablets in the Android market as of this month, that too in just six months after the official release of this version of Android.

Android 11

However, Android 10 is still the most widely used version of the mobile operating system in the United States with more than 33 percent of the market share. Globally, it holds more than 41 percent market share.

Prior to this, Google had confirmed that the Android 10 was having the fastest adoption rate last year, signaling that Google and its partners are doing a much better job at rolling out the newer version.

Do note that the numbers related to the adoption of Android 11 is from a private research firm StatCounter and not the official numbers from Google. We expect the Mountain View-based tech giant to reveal the numbers in the coming months.

Google is currently working on a newer version of Android operating system — Android 12 and has already released the first Developer Preview. After a couple of developer previews and beta version, the stable version will be rolled out.



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