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Android Oreo is version 8.0 of Google’s mobile operating system. Launched on 21st August for the Pixel and Nexus ranges of smartphones and tablets (third party brands, like Samsung, will get the update later) the new OS includes some really interesting features, which sets it apart from other more conservative updates. The download button redirects you to the Android official website, where you’ll be able to get more information about this new and free operating system. 

A Fluid Android

The main update that comes to Android 8.0 is its fluidity. Many users have noted how, after updating, their device has slowed down. This isn’t the case with Oreo, which thanks to a number of optimizations is a much slicker operating system than its predecessor, Nougat.

The main update that enables a more fluid experience is the new notification system that organizes notifications based on origin and priority. From now on notifications will be split into two categories: Notification Channels and Notification Dots.

Notification channels allow you to group together notifications and categorize them, while Notification dots will highlight individual app notifications. From now on, next to the icon of an app, we’ll see a point that indicates that we have notifications for that specific application. This means users won’t be overrun by endless notifications, like in the past.

The other big update for Android 8.0 is the floating windows. These were only ever available via third party “launcher” apps but now they get the official treatment. Floating windows is an incredibly useful function that’ll allow you to, for example, continue watching videos on YouTube whilst you respond to your emails or check out social media. 

Security First

The best of Oreo is not only related to updated functionality. Google knows that its operating system is a prime target of hackers and this is why Android 8.0 comes with some important security upgrades. The most remarkable is Play Protect, which is a security suite that will constantly review your installed apps and check for malware. If it detects anything it will advise you to uninstall the app in question. It will also block any suspicious apps.

Furthermore, you won’t need an external app if you lose your mobile. Play Protect includes a Find my Phone function.

The other great worry of mobile users, battery life, is also addressed by the Oreo update. To protect battery life Android 8.0 automatically closes all background apps that are consuming battery power once they’ve been left dormant for a certain amount of time.

A Sweet Update

Android 8.0 Oreo promises to double the speed and performance of any device it is installed on. This will particularly benefit low and medium quality smartphones that are more prone to slowing down.

Is the above claim true or are Google merely exaggerating? In either case it seems that Google are about to hit us with a pretty sweet update.

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