Android VP teases surprises to come in Android 11


Android VP Dave Burke teased that some surprises are coming with Android 11 that Google hasn’t revealed yet. On top of that, Burke shared the internal dessert name used for Android 11.

For the surprises, Burke mentioned them on the All About Android podcast. Host Jason Howell asked Burke about a secret launch feature coming with the Android 11 stable launch.

“Since parts of Android are updateable, it allows us to also offer things that don’t have to be baked into the beta. We are also working on a few things I’m quite excited about that will be appearing by the end of the summer, sort of 4-6 weeks,” Burke said on the podcast.

Burke discusses Google’s Nearby Share feature, which the company is currently testing via the Play Services beta. However, Burke says there’s more to come he can’t talk about.

Those missing Android’s fun dessert names will be happy to know that Google does have a dessert name for Android 11. However, the dessert name is an internal name only and won’t show up in any code. Burke says his engineering team calls Android 11 ‘Red Velvet Cake’ or RVC for short.

Finally, Burke took a moment to address manufacturers that aggressively kill background apps. Websites like ‘‘ rate which manufacturers are most aggressive when it comes to app killing.

Burke notes that in most cases, manufacturers do this to improve battery life, something many consumers care about. As such, the team decided to monitor the situation before intervening. That said, devices on Android 11 will have to inform users when they restrict background activity. Further, Burke said some big manufacturers have updates coming in the next few weeks or months to address some of these issues.

Those interested can check out the full podcast on YouTube to hear everything Burke has to say about Android 11.

Source: All About Android Via: Android Police

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