Hi folks, I’m about to get a new TV for my living room since the one I had is not working anymore so a new 50” 4K makes the fit. So for my budget and the models I can get in my country I was looking at these 2 models and can’t decide between them: Samsung TU7000 TCL P8M There is a difference in about USD 90 that makes the Samsung a bit pricey, but I’m still considering it. My use would be primary for satellite and streaming live sports, movies, shows or kids stuff, 0 gaming. Will be placed in living room so there will be light the entire day. In favor of TCL’s, besides being cheaper, it has Android TV with Chromecast built-in, so that means I’ll be able to cast from my Nest Hub as well as better Google Assistant’s controls. For the Samsung, it loses on price, but I believe it makes it up with better display and image quality for what I’ve seen so far, it also supports some Assistant’s integration with SmartThings but it is not possible to cast from Hub and continue watching on TV, also since it has just 2 HDMI ports I’d prefer not losing one with a Chromecast on it. Anyways, I’ll be glad to hear some opinion or guidance with this choice. Thanks!

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