Since the review of the Soundcore Space Q45 is out now at RTings, I wanted to make a custom EQ using the information found in their frequency response curves. Although I am not currently running this curve, I hope this gives people a jumping off point to fine tune their Q45. It is a wonderful piece of kit after all…

100Hz: -1.5
200Hz: 0
400Hz: 0
800Hz: -1
1.60KHz: -1
3.2KHz: +1.5
6.4KHz: -1
12.8KHz: 0

The graph can be found here.

Please note that since the custom EQ scale is in dB, a logarithmic scale, that these adjustments were extremely fine.

I adjusted and changed values based on my headphones using Level 3 Custom Noise Cancelling and with these songs at 75dB:

Testing the lows: 2017 Remaster of Dress Down by Kaoru Akimoto
Testing a mix of frequencies: Bernie Grundman master of Mignonne by Taeko Onuki
Testing high-ish mids: Francesco Sartori and the Budapest Art Orchestra’s rendition of Con Te Partiro by Andrea Bocelli

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