Annoying Android 11 bug prevents apps from going fullscreen


Android 11 is over a month old now, but we’re still coming across new bugs in the official release. From glitchy media controls to issues with multitasking, the new things introduced in the latest Android aren’t all good. The latest bug worth writing about affects mobile gamers in particular, but it’s annoying for anyone who uses apps that go fullscreen.

This issue sees the status and/or navigation bar remain visible onscreen despite having an app that goes fullscreen. Games and certain apps like YouTube typically get to take up the entire screen when they go fullscreen to allow the content to take over. But since upgrading to Android 11, many users are finding that these apps can no longer fill the entirety of their device’s display.

In some cases, key elements of the app are hidden or rendered untappable.

Needless to say, this bug is particularly annoying for mobile gamers whose phones tend to spend a lot of their time sideways. Phones have gotten taller and thinner over the years, and having a status bar and navigation bar cutting into available screen real estate is far from ideal. Those still using three button navigation will find this particularly irksome.

It seems like some users find success closing apps and restarting them, although it may depend upon the app in question and the device Android 11 is running on. It also happens on Samsung’s One UI 3.0, which is based on Android 11. Based on reports on the Android Issue Tracker, people reported this bug during the betas, but Google couldn’t reproduce it and closed the issue. I’m guessing that the company will take a second look now that this is gaining more attention, and hopefully issue a patch in a monthly security update before too long.

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