Apple is hiking App Store prices in the UK and


Apple is adjusting the price of apps and in-app purchases around the world starting 13 February.

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Apple has confirmed that it intends to increase the price of App Store apps and in-app purchases in some countries, including the United Kingdom.

Apple announced the price hikes in a post to developers, saying that prices in the “App Store will increase in Colombia, Egypt, Hungary, Nigeria, Norway, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.”

Prices in Uzbekistan will decrease, however, thanks to a reduction in the local value-added tax rate from 15 per cent to 12 per cent.


While there won’t be any changes to the price of apps or in-app purchases in Ireland, Luxembourg, Singapore, or Zimbabwe, Apple does say that developers can expect their proceeds to be adjusted following more local tax changes.

  • Ireland: Reduction of value-added tax rate on electronic newspapers and periodicals from 9% to 0%
  • Luxembourg: Reduction of value-added tax rate from 17% to 16%
  • Singapore: Increase of goods and services tax rate from 7% to 8%
  • Zimbabwe: Increase of value-added tax rate from 14.5% to 15%

“Periodically, we update prices on the App Store in certain regions based on changes in taxes and foreign exchange rates,” Apple said. “This is done using publicly available exchange rate information from financial data providers to help ensure prices for apps and in‑app purchases stay equalized across all storefronts.”

As for how the prices will change, that will depend on the app in question. Apple sells apps and in-app purchases in pricing tiers, with developers choosing which tier to sell items at. The full list of Apple’s tiers can be found on its developer website.

Apple continues to come under pressure for its App Store practices, not least the fact that it requires all iPhone and iPad apps to be installed via its own store. That also means that all payment processing must go via Apple’s App Store systems, with the company taking a cut as high as 30% as a result.

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